It’s no doubt that the name Calculus will tend to stir the fear for many people. Have you ever went on to search why this Calculus was discovered and who were the Geniuses behind its origin?

Did you see it? I said who were the ” Geniuses ” behind it. Yes, it was not a single person, But two Mathematicians of different demographic made this possible.

They are:

Get to know: Who was Isaac Newton?

Origin of Calculus:

There are a lot of facts that certain rules used in Calculus

were discovered in ancient days. But, however, these two Gentlemen were the main contributors. But, don’t worry, I will not bore you with a detailed history, I will give you a gist of this tale. You can have a detailed one of the Wikipedia page with each one’s contribution.

Newton’s contribution:

It was Newton who first got deep into this. Newton was very famous for his Gravity

. He had the need to prove his laws. He studied about the speed and the rate of change. He created new variables and named them fluxions
( represented by a dot at the top of the letter). He termed them as Method of Fluxions.

Leibniz ‘s contribution:

8 years later, Leibniz, a german polymath, and Philosopher went deep into Calculus

. He was the one who introduced the ” = ” equal symbol. He studied about the tangents and its formation. However, Leibniz was the first to publish a paper on Calculus
. There are sources saying that Leibniz has read the manuscripts of Newton and used it to develop this concept. Leibniz brought out analytical calculus.

Learn Calculus today: The Cartoon guide to Calculus by Larry Gonick


Calculus was discovered by Isaac Newton and Leibniz

Image Source: Wikimedia

After years of controversial arguments, both men are given credits for their contribution to Calculus. However, Newton was given credits for his Method of Fluxions and Leibniz was given credits for its Analytical Calculus. Newton represents the derivative of a function with function, whereas Leibniz represented the derivative of a function by dy/dx .  Also, Leibniz was the one who introduced the integral symbol, represented by.

\displaystyle \int
 We currently use Leibniz method of representation.

Study of Calculus:

The study of Calculus is really interesting and some of its common terms are Differentiation,

Maximum value, Minimum value,
etc. The following videos are from Lets Make Engineering Simple ( LMES). In these videos, Prem Anand Sethurajan will give you a clear idea about how to use Calculus.

Note: The following videos are available only in Tamil.


Applications of Calculus:

Students are made to learn Differentiation and Integration with

no idea on how they are going to use it. Here is two more video, which will explain you about applications.

For Book lovers: Differential and Integral Calculus Vol – 1 by Richard Courant 

But, I am not going to finish with this. These are simple applications of Calculus. I have attached a picture, to describe the application of Calculus.


1)You can predict the waveforms created by the droplet.

Droplet of water

Image credits: Jerry Lal

2) To calculate the position of the star.

3) Even your credit card companies use Calculus to calculate monthly payments.


Image credits: Pexels



These are very few examples of applications of Calculus. We have a lot more. I want you to post them in the comment section below. We will discuss more in this. 

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